If you operate 3 or more vehicles and are after an easier way to manage your insurance then fleet insurance may be the way forward.Coversure has, in its 25 year history, built up a fantastic reputation and relationship with the UK’s leading fleet insurers so be assured that you are with the fleet specialists so, if you operate more than 3 vehicles and want a bit more flexibility in your policy then get in touch.


Unlike your typical private car insurance, fleet insurance takes a bit more work, purely for the fact that there’s more detail to be taken into account such as number of vehicles, claims history, driver history, types of vehicles (i.e. cars and vans). This information is presented to a panel of fleet insurers to obtain the best quote possible.

Our Fleet Insurance benefits include:

  • All vehicles insured for any authorised driver
  • No deposit monthly instalments
  • Dedicated Claimsline Service
  • Comprehensive, Third Party fire and Theft and Third Party only cover available
  • RAC home-start & roadside recovery cover for just £95 per vehicle!
  • Additional vehicles added given a fleet discount (up to 50%)!
  • One common renewal date
  • Underwritten by Major UK insurers
  • All commercial vehicles, cars & special type vehicles can be included within the fleet
  • Flexible payment options

Get a Motor Insurance Quote

To obtain a Motor Vehicle Insurance quote, please call us on 0800 308 1093 or 0121 448 6914 or, alternatively, use the form below and we’ll be in touch with straight away to start saving you money – see the right hand tab on why we opt for Simpler Quote Forms.

We could get you to fill out a long winded form then call you back and confirm all the same information again but our priority is to talk to you and understand your individual requirements.

Everyone has different needs, driving pasts, claim and conviction experience etc, and because of this we think we can get you a cheaper premium by simply talking to you to better understand what you need. We developed relationships with the UK’s top insurers and use this relationship to speak directly to the people who can understand and can give you the best price possible.

Please Note: If the vehicle insurance is taken out then, depending on the insurer, they may require copies of all or some of the following:
  • Copies of driving licence’s for proposer and any other named drivers
    (licence paper version plus front AND back of photo cards)
  • Proof of your No Claims Bonus
  • Completion of a proposal form (we will send to to you to sign an return)
  • Copy of the vehicle’s V5 (logbook) or lease agreement if hired – usually more for van and lorry insurance policies

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Other Details - try and give us much detail as possible i.e. any major convictions or claims, how much NCB do you have, how much you paid last year (gives us a target to beat!), when's the best time to contact you and also the all-important start date.

Additional Cover
Excess Protect InsuranceGuaranteed Replacement VehicleFull RAC Breakdown (car - £75 or van - £95)