Here are our top tips to help you stay safe in the winter and avoid any nasty accidents or injuries.

1. When parking, always position your vehicle downhill and in the direction you want to travel the next morning.

Have a warm up?
2. Ensure that the engine in your vehicle has warmed up before setting off. Cold temperatures can cause fragility in engines and at speed you could cause damage.

Don’t panic. 
3. If your vehicle begins to skid DO NOT hit the brakes. Ease off the accelerator and steer into the direction of the skid until you gain control again.

Ensure you can clear the way
4. When your vehicle is parked ensure the front and back windscreen wipers are away from the windscreen.

Fail to plan, plan to fail
5.  Check weather forecasts and ensure you have sufficient petrol for any eventuality. Topping up your oil and water levels before your journey is very important too when maintaining your cars engine in the cold.

Stay intact
6. Check your windscreens, headlights and windows are free from chips or cracks, these can be worsened to point of breaking, which isn’t fun or cheap to sort. Always use screen wash additive and de-icer to help keep the windscreen clear.

Don’t be afraid to ask
7. Check your battery electrolyte level as low temperatures can cause discharge. Ask your local garage as many offer checks free of charge.

Keep those wheels turning
8. Check tyre pressures and tread depth to stay safe on icey roads.

Keep yourself fuelled too
9. Take something to eat or drink in case your journey is slowed by bad weather or accidents.

Survival Kit
10. Keep a torch, shovel, in-car phone charger, warm clothing or blanket and the contact number of assistance companies in the vehicle at all times.