Determination, the will to win, passion and good grace in defeat, these are some of the values that make a good sportsman and a good a sport. And it was these traits that Coversure’s Richard Lunt saw displayed recently when Coversure Bromsgrove sponsored the Lions Solihull Carnival; a display that saw one lucky lad win the chance to see his beloved Birmingham City for the first time.

Carnival Time!

(l to r) Richard Lunt of Coversure Bromsgrove, Lynn (colin's mum), Colin and Tony Donnelly from our Coversure Cotteridge branch

(l to r) Richard Lunt of Coversure Bromsgrove, Lynn (colin’s mum), Colin and Tony Donnelly from our Coversure Cotteridge branch

The Lions Solihull Carnival is a joyous affair attended by around 5,000 people from the Bromsgrove and Solihull communities of Birmingham. As the main sponsors, Coversure Bromsgrove play a significant role in the event – everything from collecting donated prizes from their clients to running events and competitions on the day. One of the competitions was to see how many consecutive kick-ups with a football you could manage, with the winner receiving a VIP match day tickets to see Birmingham City. With there being no entry fee, and with so many local families in attendance, it proved an extremely popular contest.

Colin The Kick-Up King?

For one young lad, Colin, this was too good an opportunity to miss. Even before the stall had opened for business, Colin and his brother and sister were expectantly waiting to take their shot at it. On his first attempt he managed an impressive 95. Around lunchtime, however, his record fell as someone else raised the bar 120. Undaunted Colin tried again. And again, and again. Despite the deteriorating weather, Colin was determined to succeed and win tickets to his first ever football match. Such was his desire to win that after 45 minutes of trying he asked if he could use his own ball and with it he managed an excellent 130 kick-ups.

Victory seemed assured, but alas for Colin yet another lad came along and scored a competition winning 200 kicks. He tried to beat that mighty total, but with aching legs and a heavy heart he finally admitted a graceful defeat. Second place is no disgrace and Colin accepted his prize of £30 with gratitude despite is evident disappointment.


Determination Pays Dividends

Richard Lunt said “Colin’s display of passionate determination really impressed us and so I and the other members of the Coversure Bromsgrove team decided to invite him along to the next match with hospitality tickets. To say he was delighted would be a massive understatement, he was absolutely thrilled and following a tour of the ground he saw the Blues win 4-2 against Rotherham. The highlight for him (courtesy of a little Coversure Bromsgrove magic and fantastic help of Birmingham City’s Chris Brewerton) was him being able to lead the teams out amidst of the roar of a packed Birmingham City stadium.”

Thank You! No, Thank You…

Richard Lunt added “A couple of days after the match we received a lovely thank you message from Colin’s mum”:

Hi Richard,
I thought I’d track you down to say thanks again for an awesome night at the Blues v Rotherham match on Tuesday night. You and Tony made a great night even better. Colin and myself can’t thank you enough for organising an amazing experience. I think leading out the teams and the stadium tour will make it unforgettable for Colin and myself.

A final comment from Richard” Not only was it our pleasure, but we would like to thank Colin for reminding us how lovely and committed young people can be. With spirit and manners like that, young Colin could go a long way in life…”