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Flood & Storm Advice

You can take a number of precautions to prepare for bad weather, such as storms and floods.

Preparing for the bad weather:

Listen out for bad weather warnings on local radio and TV.
Make sure you have emergency contact numbers for your insurer, local authority and utility companies to hand in a […]

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Driving Licence Changes – IMPORTANT!!

Forthcoming changes as part of the government’s initiative to reduce red tape will do away with the paper counterpart of the photocard driving licence and impact the ways that critical driver information can be accessed.

From 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart to the photocard […]

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Stay safe and secure this winter

Act now to avoid the murky misery of escaping water in the home
After last year’s devastating winter we can see over a third (34%) of insurance property claims costs are for damage caused by the escape of water, the most common being for the effects of […]

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Protect your home against the winter weather.

A house is the greatest investment you’ll probably ever make, both in monetary terms but also in establishing your family home.
The damage caused by sever winter weather can cause in excess of £10,000 worth of household damage. Water that gushes out of heating or pipe […]

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Top 10 tips for winter driving

Here are our top tips to help you stay safe in the winter and avoid any nasty accidents or injuries.
1. When parking, always position your vehicle downhill and in the direction you want to travel the next morning.
Have a warm up?
2. Ensure that the engine […]

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Are you a Furniture Remover? Vital info for you.

Simple question really. Does your removals business have adequate (or any) Terms and Conditions in place?

“Yes, of course” you say “what a ridiculous question”!

You might think this is a ludicrous statement but the amount of removal companies we come across that don’t have any Terms […]

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